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Gel Nails

Gel Nails

Once you've tried Gel you won't look back!

Gel applications last 2 – 3 weeks, and include: a file, shape, cuticle work & colour.

Choose from over 170 Colours, a French Manicure or Rock Star Nails.

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Save on Nails


The Gel removal process is extremely easy and non-damaging. Gel Nails do not damage the natural nail and no longer do you have to deal with the pain and damage of acrylic nails!


We offer a Free of charge 7 day nail repair policy, so just give us a call should you have any problems and we'll fix it free of charge!

Cuticle Oil


• We recommend to always wearing gloves when washing up or cleaning. • Never pick or peel Gel as this damages your natural nail. • You should always have your Gels removed professionally. • Use hand cream and cuticle oil at least twice a day.

Pick up our recommended Shwe Tan Cuticle Oil for only £7.99 on your next visit.

Nails Salon


Gel Colour Fingers or Toes

With Senior Beauty Therapists: Lindsay and Becca £30.00
With Beauty Therapists: Mia, Sophie, Maria, Meghan £27.50
With Junior Beauty Therapists: Ellie & Charlie £22.50

Gel Colour Fingers and Toes

With Senior Beauty Therapists: Lindsay and Becca £55.00
With Beauty Therapists: Mia, Sophie, Maria, Meghan £50.00
With Junior Beauty Therapists: Ellie & Charlie £40.00
French Manicure Fingers or Toes £30.00
French Manicure Fingers and Toes £55.00
Rock Star nails are a stunning combination of Gel & Glitter which will last for weeks...
Rockstar Fingers or Toes £30.00
Rockstar Fingers or Toes with Junior Beauty Therapist £22.50
Rockstar Fingers and Toes £55.00
Clear Gel Fingers (no soak off)£20.00
Clear Gel Fingers (plus soak off)£25.00
Removal of Gels & quick tidy up (15 minute treatment) £13.00
Removal of Gels with a Polish added £18.00
Nail Repair (per nail) £2.50
Nail Art From £1.00 per nail
Swarovski Crystals - 50p per Crystal
Add some Sparkle to your nails with our Swarovski Crystals.
Save on Nails
Or Book by phone: 01279 442844

Which colour will you choose?

  • B Girl Style
    B Girl Style
  • From Rodeo to Rodeo Drive
    From Rodeo to Rodeo Drive
  • Girl Meets Joy
    Girl Meets Joy
  • Good Gossip
    Good Gossip
  • Hip Hop Coral
    Hip Hop Coral
  • Just Naughty Enough
    Just Naughty Enough
  • Lets Get Frosty
    Lets Get Frosty
  • Perfect Landing
    Perfect Landing
  • Pro Ri Wrinkle
    Pro Ri Wrinkle
  • Put a Wing On It
    Put a Wing On It
  • Rocking my Stocking
    Rocking my Stocking
  • Rule the Runway
    Rule the Runway
  • Street Cred-ible
    Street Cred-ible
  • Tag - Your It
    Tag - Your It
  • Tigeress Knows Best
    Tigeress Knows Best
  • Up in the Air Heart
    Up in the Air Heart
  • Who Nose Rudolph
    Who Nose Rudolph
  • Your So Elf Centered
    Your So Elf Centered
  • Go Girl
    Go Girl
  • Bellas Vampire
    Bellas Vampire
  • Simple Sheer
    Simple Sheer
  • June Bride
    June Bride
  • Tiki Tiki Laranga
    Tiki Tiki Laranga
  • Taupe Model
    Taupe Model
  • Sunrise and the City
    Sunrise and the City
  • Sleek White
    Sleek White
  • Rendezvous
  • Gossip Girl
    Gossip Girl
  • Tassles
  • Ambience
  • Elegant Wish
    Elegant Wish
  • Shake it Til you Samba
    Shake it Til you Samba
  • Princess Tiara
    Princess Tiara
  • Desert Sands
    Desert Sands
  • Reserve
  • Stand Out
    Stand Out
  • Caution
  • Red Roses
    Red Roses
  • Ready to Wear
    Ready to Wear
  • All About Me
    All About Me
  • Arctic Freeze
  • Cashmere Kind Of Gal
  • High Bridge
  • Jet Set
  • My Nightly Craving
  • Meet Me In Milano
  • Iron Princess
  • Sweet Toothache
  • Allure
  • Sourpuss
  • Rose Garden
  • Diva
  • Pink Smoothie
  • Brights have more fun
    Brights have more fun
  • Bronzed Goddess
    Bronzed Goddess
  • Black Shadow
    Black Shadow
  • Tiger Blossom
    Tiger Blossom
  • Passion
  • High Voltage
    High Voltage
  • Medieval Madness
    Medieval Madness
  • Starburst
  • Emerald Dust
    Emerald Dust
  • Grand Jewels
    Grand Jewels
  • Mint Icing
    Mint Icing
  • Sea Foam
    Sea Foam
  • My Favourite Accessory
    My Favourite Accessory
  • Sugar Daddy
    Sugar Daddy
  • It's a Lilly
    It's a Lilly
  • A Touch Of Sass
    A Touch Of Sass
  • Allure
  • Cashmere Kind Of Gal
    Cashmere Kind Of Gal
  • Diva
  • High-Bridge
    High Bridge
  • Little Princesses
    Little Princesses
  • I'm Brighter Than You
    I'm Brighter Than You
  • Make You Blink Pink
    Make You Blink Pink
  • My Nightly Craving
    My Nightly Craving
  • Don't Be Such a Sourpuss
    Don't Be Such a Sourpuss
  • Queen Of Hearts
    Queen Of Hearts
  • Radiance Is My Middle Name
    Radiance Is My Middle Name
  • Rose Garden
    Rose Garden
  • You're So Sweet Youre Giving Me A Toothache
    Youre So Sweet Youre Giving Me A Toothache
  • Feel Me On Your Fingertips
    Feel Me On Your Fingertips
  • Getting Gritty With It
    Getting Gritty With It
  • Lots Of Dots
    Lots Of Dots
  • She is My Beauty
    She is My Beauty
  • My One Blue Love
    My One Blue Love
  • Sweet 16
    Sweet 16
  • You Glare I Glow
    You Glare I Glow
  • All Haile The Queen
  • All That Glitters Is Gold
  • Am I Making You Gel
  • Bashful
  • Berry Buttoned Up
  • Clean Slate
  • Coco Cabana Banana
  • Do I Look Buff
  • Fairest Of Them All
  • Good Gossip
  • He Loves Me He Loves Me Not
  • Hello Merlot
  • Incase Tomorrow Never Comes
  • Light Elegant
  • Little Miss Sparkle
  • Moroccan Nights
  • Oh What A Knight
  • Orange Cream Dream
  • Rake In The Green
  • Want To Cuddle
  • Who's Cider Are You On
  • My Carriage Awaits
  • Night Reflection
  • Olive You
  • Party At The Palace
  • Petal for your Thought
  • Sheek White
  • Sweet Dream
  • Taffeta
  • Take Action
  • Were in the Navy
  • Tokyo A Go Go
    Tokyo A Go Go
  • Pop Arrazi Poze
    Pop Arrazi Poze
  • Manga Round with Me
    Manga Round with Me
  • Look at you pink Achu
    Look at you pink Achu
  • Izzy Wizzy Lets Get Busy
    Izzy Wizzy Lets Get Busy
  • Izzy Wizzy Lets Get Busy 2.jpg
    Izzy Wizzy Lets Get Busy 2
  • A-Lister
  • A Little Naughty
    A Little Naughty
  • Date_night
    Date Night
  • Fire Cracker
    Fire Cracker
  • Im So Hot
    I'm So Hot
  • Man of the Moment
    Man of the Moment
  • Manga Around With Me
    Manga Around With Me
  • Pop Aarrazi Pose
    Pop Aarrazi Pose
  • Red Alert
    Red Alert
  • Give Me Gold
    Give Me Gold
  • Ruby 2 Shoes
    Ruby 2 Shoes
  • Scandalous
  • Sweater Weather
    Sweater Weather
  • Do You Harajuku
    Do You Harajuku
  • Date Night
    Date Night
  • Cruisin The Boulevard
    Cruisin The Boulevard
  • Call Me Jill Frost
    Call Me Jill Frost
  • Anime Zing Colour
    Anime Zing Colour
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