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  • New Salon Guidelines for Shwe Tan

Please read our New Salon guidelines prior to your first visit, or if you are returning to us for the first time after lockdown

We've put lots of extra procedures put in place to make your experience as safe and comfortable as possible for you. If you are kept waiting longer than usual, please be patient while we prepare for you to enter the salon and get everything clean and safe ready for you to enter.

What you need to know before you visit

You'll receive an email the day before your appointment. On this email will be a link to press to confirm your details are up to date along with your medical information. You'll also need to confirm are not suffering from any symptoms of COVID-19.

- If you feel unwell, have a cough or fever, please cancel your appointment
- Please arrive on time and alone for your appointment
- Bring minimal personal belongings with you and put your phone away.
- Wait outside the salon to be called in by a member of our team - remember to bring a brolly if it's raining!
If there is a queue outside, please be respectful of social distancing. If queuing behind other clients, please stand at the side of our salon. We will call you in to the salon at the time of your appointment.
- Use the hand sanitising station when you enter and leave the salon
- Wait on the floor marking in front of our reception desk
- Face coverings are mandatory, you can remove your face covering when you enter your sun bed room.
- Please be mindful of other clients and keep the recommended social distancing.
- We’ll confirm receipt of your pre-screening questionnaire.
- Avoid touching anything during your visit unless invited to do so.
- Please let a member of our team know if you need to visit the bathroom or need any further assistance during your visit.
- Our contactless card machine now takes payments of £45.
- If you're having a treatment carried out, avoid wearing any jewellery on the area you are being treated for.

No Company
We cannot accommodate any extra guests for the time being so please attend your sun bed session alone.

Waiting Area
Our waiting area is currently closed due to the Government guidelines to protect all clients and staff.

Bookings only
We now operatee a booking only system to avoid any unnecessary contact during waiting times. You can call the salon on 01279 442844 to book your appointment or use the button below to book online.


Our team have been trained on how to follow the Government guidelines to keep you safe.
If you have any questions or feedback, please send us an email here and we'll get back to you.

Please read before your Sun Bed

Please use the hooks to hang up your clothes.

Helping you feel fresh
During this time we have removed all deodorants and packs of face wipes from the salon. We will provide you with a complimentary individually packaged freshen up wipe to use each visit. Additional packs can be purchased at a cost of 50p each, please let a member of our team know if you would like to purchase any additional packs

You'll find on the shelf:
- A complimentary freshen up wipe
- A pair of Winkease eye protection to wear while you tan
- Any tanning lotion sachets or bottles purchased or bottles which we store at the salon for you.

We are happy to store bottles of tanning lotion which you purchase from us for 12 months. If you would like to keep your lotion at our salon, please leave this in the room after your sun bed, and a member of our team will sanitise your bottle, label it with your name, and safely store it for you.

What to do after your Sun Bed

Our sun bed cleaner has been tested to fight against COVID-19

- Please use the sun bed cleaner to clean the top and bottom of the sun bed acrylic with the tissue from the dispenser and sun bed cleaner.
- Dispose of any rubbish in the bin provided.
- If you purchased a bottle of tanning lotion from us, please leave this on the shelf and we'll store it away ready for your next visit.

Cleanliness of our salon and safety of our staff and clients are our top priorities, so we kindly would like to mention at this point, if you do not clean your sun bed after using it, we will not allow you to re-book and return for future visits at our salon.

Please rebook your next sun bed in advance before leaving the salon, to guarantee you a slot on your preferred day and time.

Our team follow a strict cleaning protocol which will be carried out at regular intervals throughout the day.
Our payment terminal will be cleaned after each use.
The shop door handle inside and out will be cleaned at regular intervals.

Here’s how we’ll prepare and clean your Sun Bed room

After your sun bed session, a member of our team will clean:

- Door handles – inside and out of each sun bed room
- Coat hooks
- Shelves and ledges in each room
- The stool
- The bottle of sun bed cleaner
- The outside of the tissue dispenser
- The Sun Angel sensor

Every sun bed will be fully sanitised twice after use so your sun bed will be clean, fresh, and safe ready for the next client to use.
Bins will be emptied at regular intervals throughout the day.

We pride ourselves on our cleanliness and quality at Shwe Tan

If for any reason you feel you are not happy with anything during your visit or if you have anything you'd like us to look into adding as additional measures, please let a member of our team know or email us here