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Want to know how to get the fastest and darkest tan?

We've put all the information and two videos below with everything you need to know before visiting us next week:

  • Top tanning tips
  • How our Sun Angel sun bed is Harlow's most powerful sun bed
  • Sun bed courses
  • What you need to know before your first visit

Our friendly team of tanning consultants are here to help you get the safest and best possible tan.

Top Tanning Tips

If you want a longer-lasting, faster and darker tan when you come in to use our sun beds, watch this video to find out what you need to start doing at home now.

Exfoliate your skin
You don't want to tan on dry, dead skin that'll just flake off in a few days. Make sure you exfoliate your skin before you start tanning, and your tan will last longer.

Moisturise your skin
Start moisturising daily from today to make sure your skin is hydrated. Hydrated skin will absorb more UV and your tan will last longer. No moisturiser should be worn on the day you visit us as they contain oils that can cause you to burn when tanning.


Never tan dry - use a professional tanning lotion for a 60% darker tan
Using a tanning lotion helps protect your skin from ageing while you tan.
They keep your skin hydrated and help absorb more UV, so you'll get more from each tanning session than tanning dry.
You'll tan faster and this will mean fewer visits to the salon.


How many minutes/sessions you need and how often you need to visit

If you're using our lay-down or stand-up sun beds, we recommend starting back at 4 or 5 minutes for your first few sun beds.
Having fewer minutes more frequently will build you a darker, longer-lasting tan faster than visiting just once a week and opting for more minutes.

Try not to spread your tanning sessions too far apart. It'll take you longer to build a base tan.

Book 2 - 3 sun beds per week for your first few weeks of tanning, then once you've achieved your desired colour, keep this topped up with a weekly visit.

For example, if you have fair skin:

Sessions 1 - 3 4 minutes
Sessions 4 - 6 5 minutes
Sessions 7 - 10 6 minutes

...and so on until you've reached your desired colour.

Gradually increase your tanning session by 1 minute at a time. Never increase by 2 minutes.

It takes on average 2 hours of tanning time to build your desired colour. If you want to speed up the time this takes you, we recommend using our Sun Angel sun bed as you only need 6 x 20-minute Sun Angel sessions.

We are extremely passionate about safe tanning. Our team are trained to advise you on how to get a safe tan, as quickly as possible, please take their advice, and we promise you'll achieve your desired results.

Going red does not mean you'll get a good tan
If there is any redness or tightness of your skin, you've had too many minutes.

Please do not book your next sun bed until the redness has gone down and reduce your tanning minutes.

Leave a minimum of 48 hours between each tanning session to give your tan time to develop.


Sun Angel - 20 Minute Sun Bed

Harlow's most powerful Sun Bed

The Sun Angel gives you a deeper, darker longer-lasting tan than ordinary sun beds.
It's a safe way to tan, so you can tan with confidence at Shwe Tan.
Each Sun Angel session is 20 minutes.
See how the magic works in our video:
Treat yourself to a Sun Angel course and save up to £60.00

Save £10.50 on your first Sun Angel

Just mention this offer to a member of our team and get your first-ever Sun Angel for just £10.50 - usually £21.00


If you have any questions, please send us an email here or call 01279 442844 and we’ll be happy to help.

If for any reason you feel you are not happy with anything during your visit or if you have anything you'd like us to look into for you, please let a member of our team know or email us HERE.