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Once you've tried Gel you won't look back!

Gel applications last 2 – 3 weeks, and include: a file, shape, cuticle work & colour.

Choose from over 180 Colours, a French Manicure or Rock Star Nails.

Free removal with every reapplication

The Gel removal process is extremely easy and non-damaging. Gel Nails do not damage the natural nail and no longer do you have to deal with the pain and damage of acrylic nails!

Any problems?

We offer a Free of charge 7 day nail repair policy, so just give us a call should you have any problems and we'll fix it free of charge!


  • We recommend to always wearing gloves when washing up or cleaning.
  • Never pick or peel Gel as this damages your natural nail.
  • You should always have your Gels removed professionally.
  • Use hand cream and cuticle oil at least twice a day.

Pick up our recommended Shwe Tan Cuticle Oil for only £7.99 on your next visit.


Gelish Colour Fingers or Toes

With Lindsay, Becca, Maria, Sophie & Ruth
With Theresa, Mia, & Meghan
With Beauty Apprentice Olivia

Gelish Colour Fingers and Toes

With Lindsay, Becca, Maria, Sophie & Ruth
With Theresa, Mia & Meghan
With Beauty Therapist Apprentice: Olivia

Rock Star nails

Rock Star nails are a stunning combination of Gelish & Glitter which will last for weeks...

Rockstar Fingers or Toes
Rockstar Fingers or Toes (with Beauty Therapist Olivia)
Rockstar Fingers and Toes
Rockstar Fingers and Toes (with Beauty Therapist Olivia)

Other nail treatments

French Manicure Fingers or Toes
French Manicure Fingers or Toes (with Beauty Therapist Olivia)
French Manicure Fingers and Toes
French Manicure Fingers and Toes (with Beauty Therapist Olivia)
Clear Gel Fingers (no soak off)
Clear Gel Fingers (plus soak off)
Removal of Gels & quick tidy up (15 minute treatment)
Removal of Gels with a Polish added
Nail Repair (per nail)
Nail Art
From £1.00 per nail
Swarovski CrystalsAdd some Sparkle to your nails with our Swarovski Crystals.
50p per Crystal

Gel Nail Extensions (Polygels)

Polygel with Tips Gel Colour
Polygel with Tips French
Polygel with Tips Clear or Natural
Polygel Overlay (no tips) French
Polygel Overlay (no tips) with Gel Colour
Polygel Overlay (no tips) Clear or Natural
Polygel Infill with Gel Colour
Polygel Infill with French
Polygel Removal
Polygel Infill Clear or Natural
Polygel - Nail Repair (per nail)

Gelish Nails FAQ

What is the difference between Shellac and Gel?

Shellac is a nail polish with gel properties (which help it last longer than normal polish - they claim 2 weeks wear), the call it a Power Polish (as it’s a hybrid between polish and gel).

Gelish is a pure gel system. This means that you’ll get longer lasting nails - 3 weeks wear, instead of their claimed 2 weeks.

Other benefits of this system is that you’ll be able to use all the contents of the bottle and it won’t go gloopy towards the end of the bottle, that you would otherwise get with a polish based hybrid system (as polish still dries out).

How old do you have to be to get Gels done?

We are insured to carry out treatment on any age with Parental consent. Nail Harmony also do not have a minimum age requirement.