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Manicures, Pedicures and Callus Peel Treatments

Manicures & Pedicures

Shwe Manicures and Pedicures promote healthy nails and encourage growth as well as keeping the nails tidy and best in overall appearance. We offer a range of hand and foot treatments for you to choose from. Whether it's an express manicure that includes cuticle tidy, shape, and polish or a luxurious pedicure with Gel Colour, you will leave feeling relaxed and pampered.

Manicure & Pedicure


This treatment includes a hand soak, scrub and hand massage.

Express Manicure (no polish)
Under 11's File & Polish
File & Polish - Fingers
Manicure without Polish
Manicure with Polish
Manicure with Polish - with soak off Shwe Gels
Manicure with Gelish Colour
Manicure with French Manicure Gel
Manicure with Rockstar Gels


For the ultimate pedicure experience book a Luxury Pedicure and have a conditioning foot masque applied and heated booties.

File & Polish - Toes
Pedicure with cuticle work (no polish or gel)
Pedicure with Polish (no soak off of gels)
Pedicure with Polish (with soak off of Shwe gels)
Luxury Pedicure with Polish (no soak off of gels)
Luxury Pedicure with Polish (with soak off of Shwe gels)
Pedicure with Gel Colour
Pedicure with Rockstar or French Manicure Gel
Luxury Pedicure with Gel Colour
Luxury Pedicure with Rockstar or French Manicure Gel
Conditioning Foot Maque Treatment & Heated Booties

Men's Manicure

Men's Express Manicure (Nail work only)
Men's Manicure (with Hand Soak & Scrub)

Men's Pedicure

Mens Express Pedicure (Nail work only)
Mens Pedicure (with Foot Soak & Scrub)

Callus Peel

Pressure applied to the feet over time causes the skin to harden and calluses to appear. Callus Peel is a fast and efficient way of removing hard, cracked or dry skin from feet. It is fantastic for neglected feet.

Our Callus Peel treatment cannot be carried out on:

  • Pregnant Women
  • Clients with cracked / open / bleeding skin
  • Clients must advise when booking if they are diabetic or have psoriasis
  • Clients with Verruca's / Warts / Fungal infections

A Patch is applied to the area of your feet which requires treatment and wrapped up for the peel to take effect.
After 15 minutes, your feet are unwrapped and the hard skin will be peeled away with a special scraper. Your feet will then be filed to remove excess hard skin, followed by a layer of moisturising cream to keep them soft.
You may require an additional peel if you need two areas of your foot worked on - for example, the ball & heel of the foot. Your Therapist will be able to advise of this at the time of your treatment - this costs an extra £8.05.
If you wish to book for both the heel & ball of your foot to be worked on instead of just one area, please book 'Callus Peel 2 Areas'.

Callus Peel

Callus Peel Treatment 1 Area
Callus Peel Treatment 2 Areas
Add a 15 minute conditioning Foot Masque with heated booties

Men's Callus Peel Treatment

Callus Peel Treatment - 1 Area
Callus Peel Treatment - 2 Areas

Had a callus peel done this morning and couldn't recommend it enough, my feet feel amazing and to top it off the staff were fantastic, so friendly and attentive from the moment I walked through the door