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Semi-Permanent Individual Lashes

We love nothing more at Shwe than transforming our client's eyes, making them big and beautiful. We have a range of options to suit every client.

Our Semi-permanent lash extensions are applied individually to each lash giving a longer, thicker and natural look. Lashes only fall out when your own eyelashes would naturally fall out, meaning that there is no damage what so ever to your own eyelashes.

Please allow up to 1 hour 45 minutes for this treatment.

Infills are recommended every 2 - 3 weeks to keep your lashes looking full and beautiful.

Please do not wear any eye make up on the day of your appointment

Russian Volume Lashes

Russian Lashes are ultra-fine multiple lashes made into a fan and applied to each individual eyelash. This gives a fuller fluffy look.

With Russian Lashes, we can create a full natural look or a more glamorous look depending on your desired look.

Russian Lashes are like Semi-Permanent Individual lashes, but you can achieve a fuller look. They can also be used to help fill gaps in natural sparse lashes.

Please allow up to 2 hours 25 minutes for this treatment.

We recommend infills every 2 – 3 weeks.

Please do not wear any eye make up on the day of your appointment

LVL Lashes

LVL stands for Length, Volume and Lift. It is a stunning alternative to eyelash extensions.

LVL has been designed to enhance your natural eyelashes by straightening them rather than curling them to create the illusion of longer, thicker lashes.

  • No adhesive or lash extensions used
  • No Mascara needed
  • Lasts up to 6 weeks
  • Very low maintenance lash treatment

With LVL, your results are immediately visible, plus your fabulous new look will last up to 6 weeks.
LVL can be a more cost-effective, lower maintenance alternative to lash extensions.

If you would like to have LVL Lashes, we'll need to see you as soon as possible to patch test your skin to ensure you can have this treatment carried out. This must be carried out at least 4 days prior to your treatment. You can pop for your LVL patch test anytime, however, please take some time to read the Lashes FAQ below prior to visiting us for your patch test.

Please do not wear any eye make up on the day of your appointment

Party Lashes

Party Lashes are several single-lash extensions which are joined at the root and flare out.

It’s all about the aftercare with these lashes. If you’re on it, expect them to last for up to a week.

Spray tans must be carried out the day before your appointment and the guide colour (bronzer) must be washed off.

Contact lenses must be removed prior to the treatment, for this reason, we recommend glasses are worn.

100% Vegan Friendly.

Please do not wear any eye make up on the day of your appointment.

Clients must be over 18 to have this treatment carried out. ID may be required.

How to care for your lashes between visits

Wash your lashes daily
This will keep them clean, plus stop any oil build-up that will make them itchy.

Brush your lashes daily
Even if your lashes are gappy, this will help keep them go in the right direction and won't put any pressure on your natural lashes falling the wrong way.

Please don’t pick your lashes
This is going to cause damage and then when you come to get a fresh new set and we'll have fewer lashes to lash. We want nice healthy lashes.
It is really best, and the safest way to try and let your lashes fall out naturally please don't try to remove them yourself.

Try to not rub your lashes
We know it can be uncomfortable when your lashes are growing out, but please try your best not to rub your eyes. Rubbing may pull your extensions out, which will also cause damage

Please don’t be tempted to get any supplies and lash yourself. This can cause so much damage and can be dangerous.

If you have any questions, please call 01279 939062 or email we're happy to help.


Please Note: A patch test must be carried out 48 hours prior to your treatment

LVL lashes
Full set of Russian volume lashes
2 week Russian volume lash infills
3 week Russian volume lash infills
Full Set of semi-permanent individual lashes
Semi-Permanent individual lash infill's
Party lashesCan last around 7 days - ideal for special occasions.
Strip lash application & tutorialChoose from natural, glamour or volume style strip lashes
Lash removal

Lashes FAQ

How long will Individuals/Russian Lashes last?

They should last 2-3 weeks, before an infill is needed. The time of year, your natural lash growth and your own maintenance can affect this.

Why do I need to have a patch test?

It is our policy that we carry out patch tests 48 hours before your appointment, we wouldn’t want our clients to have a reaction, and if you do, we can’t carry out the treatment.

Can I have lashes removed and a new set done on the same day?

No. You cannot as the remover is very strong and oily, if lashes are put on straight away it will compromise how well the lashes adhere to your natural lashes. You must wait at least 48hrs before removal. Our policy is also that we do not remove any lashes that weren’t applied by us.

What is the correct after-care for Lashes?

You must not get your lashes wet for 48hrs after application, must avoid steam rooms and saunas, no oily products

Why do you use two glues for the patch tests?

Different glues work with different lashes, it can give you the option of another lash glue if you had a reaction to one.

How is my LVL Patch Test Carried out?

Your LVL patch test will consist of 4 small plasters applied to the inner arm and tint applied behind your ear, you will leave your plasters and tint on for a minimum of 48 hours. This area must be kept clean and dry for us to be able to determine if you have passed the patch test. You may cover over with a larger plaster if you think the area may get wet.

What do I do after my LVL patch test?

Simply remove the plaster and check the area thoroughly to see if you have passed the patch test.

Please read 'How do I check if I've had a reaction to my LVL patch test' below to determine if you have had a reaction or not to the products.

If you've not had a reaction and you're already booked in for your appointment, we look forward to seeing you then. If you need to book your appointment, please PRESS HERE or call 01279 939062

How do I check if I’ve had a reaction to my LVL Patch Test?

Anything that doesn’t appear to look normal to the area where the application of LVL products were applied, is a reaction. This could be anything from grazing, redness, spots, blistering, indentation or outlines of the plaster, burns to the skin or irritation. Please do not assume that you have had a reaction to the plaster, as from our experience this is not the case. It is not uncommon to have a reaction to the LVL products.

If you are unhappy with the information above and think that it could be from the plaster, then please inform us and we can re-patch test you with micropore tape instead. If you haven’t been re-patch tested, then this will still be classed as a failed reaction and we will be unable to carry the treatment out for you.

If you believe that you have a reaction to the products, please send us a photo with your name to so we can assist you further.

Don’t worry if you have had a reaction to the products, there are other lash services we offer.

Can I have my Patch Test on the same day as my Sun Bed?

Patch tests for Tinting, Party Lashes, Express Lashes, Individual Lashes and Russian Lashes are fine to carry out on the same day as a Sun Bed.

However, we do not carry out LVL Patch Tests on the same day as your Sun Bed as it is harder to determine if you have had a reaction to the products or not.