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Always good service and a happy vibe in the shop.

"Always good service and a happy vibe in the shop."

Simon Haigh on 02/05/2016

Always outstanding very friendly and very relaxing.

"Always outstanding very friendly and very relaxing. Top staff very friendly and amazing coffee. Would recommend the Sun Angel to anyone. Thanks guys."

Tony Lake on 28/04/2016

Wow, my lashes look amazing!

"My Sun Angel was fabulous!!! Then I got the LVL treatment- wow, my lashes look amazing. So long and they look fake, but they're mine. Plus, you fitted me in for my brows to be tinted, despite not being booked. Always a joy to come to have treatments with you."

Ashley Sky on 28/04/2016

Very professional and always very clean and tidy beds. Staff are always helpful and polite.

"Very professional and always very clean and tidy beds. Staff are always helpful and polite."

Tylar Woodbury on 22/04/2016

Staff and facilities are great. Thankyou!

"Staff and facilities are great. Thankyou!"

Tom Smart on 14/04/2016

20 minutes of my time... pure bliss!

"First time using the Sun Angel today, what can I say? 20 mins of my time... pure bliss!"

Amanda Wood on 28/03/2016

Really lovely and friendly staff.

"Really lovely and friendly staff."

Chris Melton on 23/03/2016

Very friendly staff, and very professional service yet again...

"Very friendly staff, and very professional service yet again, very happy."

Danny Billings on 06/03/2016

Well explained with good advice.

"Very friendly, my first time using the Sun Angel and it was well explained with good advice and suggestions for creams etc."

Jenna Redding on 19/02/2016

Outstanding service

"Outstanding service. Staff knowledgeable and friendly. Didn't feel rushed at all. What a pleasurable experience, relaxing and soothing. The Sun Angel cools as it tans so I didn't feel hot at all. 20 min went fast and the music was a good mix. This was my first tan so I didn't "scan in" however will do next time to maximise the results."

James Redding on 16/02/2016

I've never felt so relaxed!

“Carla the Beauty Therapist was amazing, I've never felt so relaxed!”

Sabrina Ahmed on 13/02/2016

Shwe tan is always reliable. Friendly welcoming service. Keep up the good work!

"Shwe Tan is always reliable. Friendly welcoming service. Keep up the good work!"

Jamie Crown on 18/01/2016

Very knowledgeable staff

"I'd just like to commend Paige on her personable and professional attitude. She's polite, friendly and helpful both on the phone and in person. She has an excellent knowledge of the products you sell and services that you offer. She knows me by my first name and makes me feel comfortable as soon as I walk through the door. An asset to your business!"

Shwe Tan Salon Customer on 26/07/2015

Very professional staff but with a warm and friendly attitude!

"Hi Sarah (and the team) I just wanted to message to say what a lovely bunch of girls you have working in the salon at the moment! I haven't been for a while and was a bit worried about going back and seeing all new faces! I was booked in for a sun angel this evening and whilst waiting I sat back and listed to all the girls with all the different customers and everyone was so lovely and very professional but with a warm and friendly attitude! It was an absolute pleasure to hear and see!"

Gemma Barker on 01/06/2015

Fantastic Sunbeds and understanding Therapists!

"I'd been on the look out for a salon with sunbeds to help me with a skin condition. I'd read that UV can really help the healing process for all sorts of skin problems such as Ezema, Psoriasis, Acne, Pityriasis Rosea etc etc. I was a little hesitant at first because I have very fair skin (I never tan) and I wouldn't normally use a sunbed. The staff at Shwe Tan were nothing but kind and understanding and one of the therapists had been through something very similar. They recommended that I start off with 3 minute sessions on the stand up sunbed and within less than a week my skin started to heal. 3 weeks on and my skin is almost fully back to normal and the upside is that I'm beginning to get a light tan, which for me, is unheard of! I genuinely cannot recommend Shwe Tan highly enough, not only do they have a number of different sunbeds, Shwe Tan is also a brilliant beauty salon with a wide range of treatments, an impeccably clean salon, very professional and friendly staff and easy parking with an hour free in the Old Harlow car park."

C. Sharp on 28/04/2015

Love the Sun Angel!

"I always recommend people to use the Sun Angel because I love it! I was slightly sceptical about the Sun Angel before using it because I thought I may get bored laying there for 20 minutes and did worrry about burning! But I love it! I love the music selection that is on the play list and it's very relaxing I almost fall asleep when in there, and as for burning I was completely wrong Because the sensor scans my skin tone to ensure I don't over expose! I bought a course because I knew I would use them more often to keep my tan up and the deal was too good to turn down with the savings I made! I spoke to Sarah Paige about the Sun Angel, she was very helpful. She showed me how everything worked, advised me what the best cream for me are and answered any questions I had. She was very knowledgeable on everything which made me feel a lot more confident using the bed. I recommend the Sun Angel at Shwe Tan to anyone who asks me which sunbeds around the area are good to use. Everyone comments on my tan and asks where I go. I didn't use many sunbeds before because I always felt claustrophobic and on edge. There is so much space on the Sun Angel I never have that problem. I never knew how many minutes to ask for and people would never advise me on how many to do so I worried every time that I would burn that I just gave up using them. I always thought using the tanning lotions were a bit of a gimmick but I really notice the difference since using the 'Go to Black 2'. I wouldn't use anything else. I'd advise everyone to use a cream especially with the bronzers because my tan lasts longer since using them! They don't come out streaky either which is a massive bonus for me! All the staff are so friendly and helpful I really wouldn't go anywhere else they are all so accommodating and lovely. Very professional and clean. Couldn't fault anything about my experiences there!"

Kat Welch on 13/01/2015

Since coming to Shwe Tan things have changed!

"Up until very recently I have never been the type of girl to be into getting my nails done or having a tan, but since coming to Shwe Tan it has all changed. I have never been able to grow my nails as I always bite them, but after having Gelish Nails I can say I have noticed an improvement - I will be able to grow them as I think it'd be a shame to ruin how pretty they look! There's a whole range of different colours and even nail art to choose from so you can always vary it out. Shwe Tan also offers another one of my favourite things - party lashes. I have always loved having bigger looking eyelashes, but hate the fuss of sticking on strip lashes and worrying that they're going to fall off when I am out. With the party lashes they look much more natural and enhance my eyes to make them look even bigger. Whenever I have a treatment at Shwe Tan that involves me closing my eyes, the therapist that is carrying out the treatment will always ensure that I feel comfortable and they will talk me through what they're doing to put me at ease. Another one of my favourite services that is offered at Shwe Tan is the Sun Angel sunbed. I had never, ever in my life used a sunbed before I came here and I am so glad I tried it. I have one every week now, and can't even remember how pale I used to be. Everyone is always complimenting my tan and how lovely it looks on me, how it makes me look healthy and gives a nice 'glow'. I never feel like I've overdone it when I use the Sun Angel as it doesn't burn you - using the sensor will personalise the tan for your own skin type and it gives you such a deeper tan at the end result. The girls that work at Shwe Tan are always happy to answer any questions and give lots of advice if you are unsure about anything. If a member of staff is concerned about the amount of minutes you want on a sunbed, they will tell the customer this and will advise them on what they think the person should have, for their skin type, just in case they burn. They're all very welcoming and knowledgeable and always offer nothing but a professional service when it comes to treatments and the sunbeds they offer within the salon."

Shwe Tan Salon Customer on 26/10/2014

5 Stars :) Shwe-Tan in Old Harlow is Fantastic!

"I moved to Old Harlow 3 years ago and to have a good sun bed shop on my door step is a real blessing. All of the girls who have ever worked in the salon have been really approachable and friendly and you feel completely at ease when you walk through the door. All the sun beds are highly maintained and clean. And you never have to wait too long to get on one. I'd never heard of a Sun Angel before going to Shwe Tan but it's fantastic and never allows you to burn. I've had a problem with growing my nails since having my acrylic nails removed several years ago. One of the Beauty Therapist's advised me to start getting the Gelish nails to help strengthen my nails and get them into better condition. I was a bit sceptical at first but was proven wrong as after just a few weeks my nails were much stronger and thicker and in much better condition. They actually now grow to a nice shape and length. All the ranges of colours are great too so you won't ever have to have the same old thing on your hands and feet. My nails on my wedding day looked lovely! Their Spray tans are fantastic and lasts for at least 5 days in my experience. It's nice that you are offered different fragrances instead of the usual smell of a spray tan. I also get my eyebrows threaded and have had waxes at the salon and all treatments are really good and therapists are really knowledgeable and put you at ease. The party lashes are a bargain for £18 as they look really glam for a big night out and do last for a good few days if you look after them."

Lauren Hills on 21/07/2014

Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment at Shwe Tan

"My first experience at Shwe Tan was for a consultation for a wrinkle relaxing treatment. The nurse was very friendly and informative and what I loved the most was that I never felt pressured into having it. I decided to go ahead with the treatment and was amazed at the results and really pleased. In the follow up appointment I was given a small top up (as only half was given the first time to see how I reacted with it) and this was absolutely free! Also the nurse made sure I was happy with results, checked there had been no problems and answered any questions I had. In addition to this the salon is gorgeous with very friendly staff that make you feel very welcome and their range of services is massive! All in all very very happy."

Shwe Tan Salon Customer on 13/08/2013

I would definitely recommend Shwe Tan to all brides to be!

"After a bad experience at a different salon walking into Shwe Tan was like a breath of fresh air. All of the ladies there were extremely knowledgeable and made me feel completely at home! I first went in 6 weeks before my wedding but I knew that with my pale skin I needed to get it ready for the Maldives and also wanted my nails to look fab. I took a lot of advice from Sarah about the best amount of time for me to tan and worked up to a bit longer just before the day. This meant that on the day I had a healthy glow and felt like a million also meant that I didn't burn whilst on holiday in a hot country which for me is definitely a first! I went for sparkly gel nails done for the day which really brought out the colours of the flowers and as I had gels done they lasted for the whole 2.5 weeks! Needless to say I would definitely recommend Shwe Tan to all brides to be!"

Gemma Rastelli on 28/05/2013