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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email and we’ll get straight back to you.

Spray Tan FAQ

Can I have a spray tan after having Botox / Fillers?

You can, as long as it's 7 days after.

If I go swimming will it affect my Spray Tan?

You can still go swimming with a Spray Tan, however chlorine and salt will fade your spray tan faster that if you don't go swimming,, as this has a bleaching effect on the skin.

Can I have a Spray Tan and a sunbed on the same day?

Yes you can. A Spray Tan will not prevent your skin from developing a UV tan. It is important to remember that although your will have a lovely tanned skin from your Spray Tan, it DOES NOT contain sunscreens. You must protect yourself outdoors with a sun protection factor cream. You can use sunbed creams and lotions in the normal way.

Can I have a Spray Tan if I'm pregnant?

- Please let your Therapist know if you are pregnant.
- It is recommended that your DO NOT have a spray tan during the first trimester (13 weeks) of pregnancy.
- You MUST NOT use the aroma zone fragrances to personalise your tan at any time during pregnancy.
- Please consult your GP if you are unsure about anything.

It is very important that you let us know you are pregnant so we can update your client records.

I don't tan in natural sunlight, will I still tan with a Spray Tan?

Absolutely yes! This is the perfect solution for those people who want a tan but do not tan in UV light.

Will my Spray Tan go Orange?

Absolutely not. Orange tones are created by the over application often associated with creams and lotions or with products containing too high a percentage of the active ingredients for your skin tone. We have a range of Spray Tans to to prevent this. The colours can also be mixed to accommodate your needs. Your trained Shwe Tan therapist will advise you on this.

Will my skin smell after a Spray Tan application?

DHA and Erythrulose react with the proteins in the skin to develop a tanned result. Some people notice a slight biscuity smell as the products develop on the skin. This is normal and will fade away quickly.

What if the Spray Tan gets on my clothes?

The bronzer in your tan is water soluble and will wash away.

Care should be taken with light undergarments as the colour can hold on the inner linings / Lycra of these.

How Long will my Spray Tan last?

So long as you follow all our pre-care and aftercare instructions, your Spray Tan will last for up to 7 days. If you want your tan to last even longer, speak to a member of our team about our Norvell Ultra Vivid Boost when you come into the salon.

I'm getting married, will Spray Tan come off on my dress?

We recommend brides/bridesmaids have a trial Spray Tan a minimum 2 weeks before the wedding and 2 days before the wedding to allow product bronzer to be removed thoroughly, thus reducing the chance of staining on dress. If the bride is wearing silk/synthetic the DHA can stain these items permanently.

Can I have a Spray Tan if I have sensitive skin?

Norvell is ideal for sensitive skin. It's 100% vegan, fragrance, paraben, sulphate, nut allergen, oil & cruelty free. We recommend booking in for a patch test 24 hours prior to your appointment as a precaution

Callus Peel FAQ

Callus Peels and/or Luxury Pedicure?

The Therapists do not recommend both. The Luxury Pedicure comes with the heated booties and a conditioning foot masque, so is a nice luxury, relaxing treatment and is a better option if you suffer with dry feet. If your feet are really hard and dry and a pumi-bar doesn’t seem to get rid of the dry skin the Callus peel will be a better option. You can’t have the heated booties and conditioning foot masque after a Callus Peel because you are removing skin with the citric acid and so putting products that aren’t made specifically for the callus peel afterwards can cause potential sensitivity. In order to sustain the benefits of a Callus Peel, you have to keep it up at home with the after-care that we provide in the salon. If you don’t feel like you are able to do this, a Luxury Pedicure would be a nice relaxing treat!

What will happen during my Callus Peel treatment?

A Patch is applied to the area of your feet which requires treatment and wrapped up for the peel to take effect.

After 15 minutes, your feet are unwrapped and the hard skin will be peeled away with a special scraper. Your feet will then be filed to remove excess hard skin, followed by a layer of moisturising cream to keep them soft.

You may require an additional peel if you need two areas of your foot worked on - for example the ball & heel of the foot. Your Shwe Tan Therapist will be able to advise of this at the time of your treatment.

Is it Safe?

Yes it's safe, Callus Peel uses cosmetic ingredients only. Main Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Nonoxynol-12, Carbomer, Ethanol, Sodium Hydroxide, Tataric Acid, Lactic Acid, Pyroglutamic Acid, Ethoxy Diglycol. Don't be alarmed by these as we use AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) on our face!

Does it Hurt?

No, it doesn't hurt at all - on the contrary. It feels like you are receiving a Reflexology treatment. It will only hurt if you have cuts on your skin. Dry cracks are fine, as long as they are not weeping or bleeding.

How Often Should I have Treatment?

Every 4 weeks is recommended, although you will be able to see and feel amazing results after the first treatment.

Is it Hygienic?

Yes. The Callus Peel skin softener sachets are individually packaged.
The scraper, that is used to remove the callus, is sterilised.
The foot file has replaceable pads.

Waxing FAQ

How long do you need to be clear or Roaccutane before having waxing?

You need to wait a minimum of 6 months before any waxing treatments.

I have never had an Intimate Wax before, what can I expect?

Most importantly, please don't be nervous! Our team at Shwe are totally professional and you are in safe hands. Prior to your treatment you will be asked to fill in a consultation form (this helps us to keep a record of your treatment and find out if you have any allergies).

Next, you will be shown to one of our three private treatment rooms where your Therapist will explain to you which items of clothes need to be removed and where you need to lay on the treatment bed.

Your Therapist will leave the room while you get undressed and you'll be left some hygienic wipes to freshen up with before your Therapist starts your treatment.

She will also leave you a towel to put over your middle area when you lay on the bed.

Your Therapist will then knock on the door to check you are ready before she comes in and your treatment will begin.

Can I wear my underwear during an intimate waxing treatment?

You can, BUT it’s easier for the therapist if you don’t. That way, we can make sure that all hairs have been removed and if doing a Brazilian, the landing strip is nice and neat and straight. If you are thinking about leaving your underwear on because you feel embarrassed, then PLEASE don’t! If you do leave your underwear on, it makes the treatment more of a difficult and longer process, and we cannot guarantee that all hair is removed.

On a scale of 1-10 how painful is it for a first Hollywood wax?

Maybe a 5. Most clients work themselves up so much before a first wax that they are pleasantly surprised at how easy and comfortable the wax is. The results speak for themselves and that's why this is our most popular type of Bikini wax here at Shwe.

Hair should be the length of a grain of rice and long enough the pinch.

Your therapist will be able to minimise the pain by removing the hair in smaller sections.

Can I have waxing carried out whilst I'm pregnant?

Totally! You can wax all the way through pregnancy, right up until your due date. Please let us know if you're pregnant when you make your booking so we can allow extra treatment time.

Please be aware that skin may be more sensitive during this time.

If I've had a face wax, how does foundation sit afterwards?

It sits fine after a wax using Hot wax and pre-wax oil because the skin is left untouched.

Some salons use strip wax on the face, but this will remove skin which makes foundation slip and slide after a wax.

We will never use strip wax on your face.

If I've had a few laser treatments, can I still have a wax?

You sure can. We have the perfect wax to use for lighter, finer hair types like yours.

To get the best results, how many times should I wax before going away?

Ideally, you’d need 3 waxes to achieve the very best and longest lasting results. It’s all to do with the stages of hair growth. Space out your appointments accordingly.

There’s no need to trim before going for a wax, and don’t shave or trim in-between.

Just return within 4-6 weeks to maintain your hair-free results

What type of wax do you use on the face?

We always use hot wax on the face.

Our peel-able hot waxes are not “hot” in temperature, they should only feel warm on application.

Less heat means less redness, and less discomfort to the client.

Can make up be put on straight after a hot wax treatment?

Your skin needs to be kept super clean after a wax.

So yes, if you apply mineral make up with fresh clean brushes.

No if it's not mineral and your make up brushes are dirty.

If skin isn’t kept clean post wax, you’ll get folliculitis.

Can you get waxed while taking Roaccutane?

No, you’ll need to wait 6 months after you have stopped taking the medication to start waxing again.

Can make up be put on straight after a hot wax treatment?

Your skin needs to be kept super clean after a wax.

So yes, if you apply mineral make up with fresh clean brushes.

No if it's not mineral and your make up brushes are dirty.

If skin isn’t kept clean post wax, you’ll get folliculitis.

Should I get waxing done at the same time? E.g. under arm and bikini?

Yes, we recommend to having it done at the same time where possible.

How long after stitches from labour can you get a full wax?

6 months, you can still have a wax before the 6-month mark, but your therapist will need to avoid the area that is healing from the stiches.

What does 'double dipping' mean?

It means the transfer of bacteria (sweat, skin cells, blood spotting) from a client back into the wax pot by using the same spatula to apply wax on the client multiple times.

That bacteria is then passed onto the next client and the next with their bacteria added.

Shwe has a very strict no double dipping policy.

I’m a shaver and want to get my legs waxed, how long should I wait before booking in?

At least 3 weeks growth. Hair should be the length of a grain of rice.

Can the Waxperts pads be used when pregnant?

No, not for use when pregnant as the active ingredient salicylic acid can enter your blood stream.

What are the benefits of waxing instead of shaving?

Waxing removes the entire hair from the root.

Skin is smooth for 3-6 weeks depending on the area waxed and hair becomes sparser and lighter with every wax.

Shaving removes only a portion of the hair. Skin is smooth for 12-24 hours and hair doesn’t get sparser or lighter with every shave.

Should a Hollywood be the back too or just the front, some salons do both, but some salons just do the front?

A Hollywood is all gone, front and back, not a blade of hair left.

All Shwe therapists are trained to carry it out this way.

Please don’t be afraid to ask over the phone when booking if you have any questions or requests.

How do I avoid breakouts after a lip wax?

Keep the area really clean after your wax, no makeup, no touching, no gym, no excessive sweating.

How long should I let my hair grow before my first wax?

For best results and a virtually pain free wax we recommend a regular wax of every 4 weeks. It all depends on how fast your hair grows.

What do I need to do to prepare my skin for Waxing?

Our recommendation is to exfoliate the areas you have waxed regularly in between your visits to the salon / the run up to your next wax. Keep your skin well moisturised before and after waxing.

Does waxing hurt?

When you book in with our Waxing Specialists, you'll see that waxing can actually be a treat instead of a chore when you're in the hands of true professionals.

For best results and a virtually pain free wax we recommend a regular wax of every 4 weeks, it all depends on how fast your hair grows.

If you can avoid being waxed in the run up to your period then do so, as you may be more sensitive, and avoid caffeine on the day of your wax!

How long will my treatment last?

Waxing is a semi-permanent method of hair removal; it removes the hair from the root. New hairs will not grow back on previously waxed areas for 2 to 6 weeks.

So what makes Shwe's 'Waxperts' Wax different?

This new flexible hot wax system is revolutionary and unlike other hot wax, because it is flexible it does not crack or break, the wax is applied and as it dries it shrinks around the hair and lifts it up from the follicle, when it sets it is simply peeled off and that's it you're done! It's great for getting to grips with short stubborn hair and has a much lower melting point than other hot waxes so it is especially good for anyone with the most sensitive of skin.
The cleanser contains chamomile for its antiseptic and disinfectant properties, Lavender for its anti-inflammatory soothing and calming qualities. The pre wax oil attaches to the hairs and not the skin and creates a protective barrier preparing the skin for waxing. It also contains a lightweight Lavender base oil for a calming and soothing treatment. The post wax oil is a heavy weight Lavender based oil which soothes and moisturises as well as leaving a smooth finish and helps to prevent in growing hairs in between waxes.

What if I'm on my period? Can I still have an Intimate wax?

Your Therapist will wear gloves throughout your treatment. So long as you are wearing a fresh and clean tampon, and you inform your Therapist at the start of your treatment, then there is no reason why we cannot carry out your wax for you. The only reason why you may consider rescheduling your intimate wax is because some people find it more sensitive during that time of the month.

When can I not have a Wax carried out?

If any of the below apply to you, we regret that we will be unable to carry out your Waxing Treatment:

· Hypersensitive skin

· Infectious skin diseases

· Diabetes

· Sunburn or heat rash

· Cuts or abrasions to the area

· Allergies to the products

· Operations or recent scar tissue to the area

· Varicose veins

· Broken bones affecting the treatment

· Severe bruising

· If you've have had a c-section in the last 6 weeks (for any type of Bikini / intimate Wax)

· If you have HIV/AIDs

My skin is very Sensitive will this be OK for me?

Our Waxing products are perfect for sensitive skin. However, even those who don't have sensitive skin can expect a little redness sometimes, but our wax contains essential oil extracts from chamomile and lavender to calm and soothe the skin.

If you are at all worried, then please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or arrange to have a complimentary patch test 24-48 hours before your treatment.

How do we keep our waxing hygienic?

We pride ourselves with having the number one rule of NO DOUBLE DIPPING!

Here at Shwe, we would never re-use a spatula. The spatula goes into the wax, onto your skin and in the bin! Therapists also make sure that gloves are always worn, and each client is given a clean towel.

Threading FAQ

Does Threading Hurt?

For first timers there may be a very slight burning sensation, which will quickly subside. This sensation is the result of the hairs being removed by the root. The pain will become less noticeable with successive treatments. For those with sensitive skin, we will ensure you are looked after and any redness will disappear within 15-30 minutes, depending on the sensitivity of the skin.

What to do Before and After Threading

Before: Do not apply make-up to the area to be treated. Avoid using tweezers a week before treatment. If you are aware of any skin conditions, allergies or any other problems, please inform the Threading Technician.

After: You may have some soreness and experience redness if you have sensitive skin. Applying rose water or calamine lotion (in more severe cases) to the affected area will help.

What is the Eyebrow Threading Procedure?

Step 1: Your Therapist will twist the thread and pull it along the area of chosen unwanted hair. The thread acts like a mini-lasso and lifts the hair follicles directly from the roots

Step 2: Lower area of the eyebrow is threaded first then the centre and upper section of the eyebrows are completed.

Step 3: After shaping the eyebrows, your face is wiped to remove any hair which has fallen on the skin. A cooling agent is applied to reduce any redness of the skin.

Massage FAQ

Can I have a massage whilst I'm pregnant?

We advise against back neck and shoulder and full-body massages during pregnancy completely. You can book a pregnancy massage after the first trimester of your pregnancy up until full term.

Do you have a Massage before a Facial?

Yes, otherwise you will have to lay on your face after having the Facial done to have a Massage, which isn't ideal!

Sun Beds FAQ

What is the difference between the Sun Angel and the normal Sun Beds?

Well... The Sun Angel is a 20 minute sun bed. You scan your skin before you go on, so you get just the right amount of UV for your skin - this is why you can have 20 minutes. The Sun Angel is a safer bed to use and gives you a more natural tan, whereas, the other beds have stronger tubes - so we advise how many minutes you should have and you gradually build them up.

You build your tan up a lot quicker using the Sun Angel versus the Stand Up & Lay Down. To put it into perspective - it takes 120 minutes to build your base tan, which is only 6 sessions on the Sun Angel! Or 12 Stand Up / Lay Down Sun Beds if you had 10 minutes each sessions (but most clients start off with 5/6 minutes - sometimes less)

How many minutes should I have on the Sun Beds?

Well, we recommend how many minutes you should have, depending on your skin type. We like to ask as many questions as possible to really understand how your skin is against the suns UV rays. Skin colour / Eye colour / How easy you tan / Burn. All of this information really helps us determine how many minutes you should have. It’s better to start off with lower minutes to see how the UV is against your skin. Skin type 1: 2 – 3 minutes. Skin type 2: 4 – 5/6 minutes. Skin type 3: 6 – 8 minutes. Skin type 4: 8 – 10 minutes. We suggest that you never jump up by 2 minutes because even 1 minute can make a big difference! Building up your minutes gradually is the best and safest way to tan.

Why do I need to use a lotion on the Sun Beds?

Well.. Lotions keep your skin hydrated, this is really important when using sun beds as it prevents your skin from drying and going ‘wrinkly’. Lotions absorb UV into your skin instead of your skin reflecting it away. You tan 60% better with a lotion than without. You can also use them outside (take on holiday with you). But you would need to apply your SPF on top. They smell and feel incredible - they are so nourishing!

What should I do if I am burnt?

We always do our best to help give you the correct advice to ensure you don’t burn on our sun beds. However, if you use our sun beds with an oil-based moisturiser, you are likely to burn which is why we recommend to not wear any moisturiser on the day of your visit. Whether you have burnt on a Sun Bed or out in the sun. We highly recommend you avoid going on Sun Beds / sun bathing outside until the pink/redness has completely gone. If you are uncomfortable, we recommend placing a wet towel/flannel onto the burnt area – this absorbs all the heat out of the burn. We also recommend keeping the area really hydrated, our hempz moisturisers are perfect and very soothing! A thin layer of sudocrem also helps!

Do you have any lotions for Sensitive Skin?

We do! Our Hempz Hypoallergenic range is especially for our clients that have sensitive skin. They are enriched with Natural Calming Extracts and 100% Pure Natural Hempz Seed Oil. We also have a hempz hypoallergenic bronzing lotion too, for that extra boost. They are both Gluten & Nut Free. Hempz Hypoallergenic sachet costs £3.99 and our Hempz Hypoallergenic Bronzer sachet costs £4.50. We do both lotions in bottles – which work out a lot cheaper in the long run.

What products do you recommend to get the best tan?

Well, we have so many amazing products, but if we were to choose a selection for you to get the best tan it would be... Our Shwe Lemon Body Scrub, this is a really good exfoliator (really gritty) to get rid of any dead skin and give you a nice fresh layer to tan on. One of our Hempz moisturisers (the Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon one smells incredible), are great to use after you exfoliate and also after using a Sun Bed. Lastly, our Go to Black sun bed lotions are the best! They are our fastest and darkest lotions, we have 3 with bronzers and 1 without. If you use all these products, regularly moisturise and exfoliate – you will really see the difference in your tan.

I’m going on holiday this year – when do I need to start tanning?

If you are going on Holiday this year, don’t leave getting a ‘base tan’ until the last minute! Coming in the day before your holiday for 10 minutes is NOT going to give you a base tan. It takes on average 120 minutes to get your base tan – which is the equivalent to 6 Sun Angels. Make sure you are coming in at least 2/3 times a week if you are using the Sun Angel. This really starts to develop your tan and gives it a nice boost coming in that third day. If you are going to use the Stand Up / Lay Down, you would need to come in more often and have less minutes to build up your tan. Having a high number of minutes once a week is not going to give you a base tan or keep you topped up and you are likely to burn.

Make sure you are using the right sun bed lotions when on the sun beds. We have a great selection here at Shwe and we are here to help choose the right one for you! We never recommend going on a bed without one, as lotions help absorb UV into the skin, whereas without one – your skin reflects it away. You are 60% more likely to get a tan with one than without, therefore if you are going on a sunbed for 10 minutes, you are really only getting the benefit of about 4 minutes. Don’t waste your precious sun bed time!

Hydrated skin is happy skin! Hydrated skin tans quicker than dry skin – so make sure you are moisturising at home! Remember to moisturise on the days between your sun beds… However, on Tanning day please do not come in with any moisturiser on. (as the majority of moisturisers have oils in, which will cause you to burn).

If you follow all these steps, regularly exfoliate and moisturise, you’ll have the best base tan and be ready for your holiday. Or if like last year, we have another heat wave, you’ll be ready for the summer months!

I've just had a tattoo - can I have a sun bed?

If you have had a tattoo recently, we recommend you stay away from sun beds for the first 6 weeks! Your skin is open – we wouldn’t want any UV getting into your skin or for it to fade. Luckily, when you are back – we have a tattoo stick that is SPF 50 and highly recommend you use.

How many times a week can I sensibly use a Sun Bed?

Moderate tanning of 2-3 sessions per week is ok but it is important to leave a minimum of 48 hours between sessions. We recommend no more than 60 sessions in total per year.

What are the benefits of using a Sun Bed?

It is a controlled way to tan - i.e. avoiding burning. An individual tanning programme determines the correct session length for the sunbed being used and your skin type. Plus, very importantly, it can help maintain your vitamin D levels

How do Sun Beds help avoid Vitamin D insufficiency?

UV exposure is the main source of Vitamin D production. Just a few minutes on a sun bed 2-3 times a week, will enable your body to produce sufficient Vitamin D. From October - May it is impossible to produce Vitamin D from sunshine exposure in the UK or Ireland, as the sun is too weak. It is also very. very difficult to get enough daily Vitamin D from diet and multivitamins

Who can't use a Sun Bed?

· Under 18’s

· Pregnant women

· If you've had Skin cancer or a history of skin cancer within immediate family*

· Heart Conditions*

· High/Low Blood Pressure*

· Diabetes

· Organ Transplants-

· Excessive moles-

· Recent operations

· If you have Epilepsy-

· Certain medications that cause Photo-sensitivity-.

* A doctors note is required

Mens Treatments FAQ

Do you carry out Men's Intimate Waxing?

No, we only carry out Face, Back, Chest, Arm & Leg Waxing for our Male Clients

Gelish Nails FAQ

What is the difference between Shellac and Gel?

Shellac is a nail polish with gel properties (which help it last longer than normal polish - they claim 2 weeks wear), the call it a Power Polish (as it’s a hybrid between polish and gel).

Gelish is a pure gel system. This means that you’ll get longer lasting nails - 3 weeks wear, instead of their claimed 2 weeks.

Other benefits of this system is that you’ll be able to use all the contents of the bottle and it won’t go gloopy towards the end of the bottle, that you would otherwise get with a polish based hybrid system (as polish still dries out).

How old do you have to be to get Gels done?

We are insured to carry out treatment on any age with Parental consent. Nail Harmony also do not have a minimum age requirement.

Lashes FAQ

How long will Individuals/Russian Lashes last?

They should last 2-3 weeks, before an infill is needed. The time of year, your natural lash growth and your own maintenance can affect this.

Why do I need to have a patch test?

It is our policy that we carry out patch tests 48 hours before your appointment, we wouldn’t want our clients to have a reaction, and if you do, we can’t carry out the treatment.

Can I have lashes removed and a new set done on the same day?

No. You cannot as the remover is very strong and oily, if lashes are put on straight away it will compromise how well the lashes adhere to your natural lashes. You must wait at least 48hrs before removal. Our policy is also that we do not remove any lashes that weren’t applied by us.

What is the correct after-care for Lashes?

You must not get your lashes wet for 48hrs after application, must avoid steam rooms and saunas, no oily products

Why do you use two glues for the patch tests?

Different glues work with different lashes, it can give you the option of another lash glue if you had a reaction to one.

How is my LVL Patch Test Carried out?

Your LVL patch test will consist of 4 small plasters applied to the inner arm and tint applied behind your ear, you will leave your plasters and tint on for a minimum of 48 hours. This area must be kept clean and dry for us to be able to determine if you have passed the patch test. You may cover over with a larger plaster if you think the area may get wet.

What do I do after my LVL patch test?

Simply remove the plaster and check the area thoroughly to see if you have passed the patch test.

Please read 'How do I check if I've had a reaction to my LVL patch test' below to determine if you have had a reaction or not to the products.

If you've not had a reaction and you're already booked in for your appointment, we look forward to seeing you then. If you need to book your appointment, please PRESS HERE or call 01279 939062

How do I check if I’ve had a reaction to my LVL Patch Test?

Anything that doesn’t appear to look normal to the area where the application of LVL products were applied, is a reaction. This could be anything from grazing, redness, spots, blistering, indentation or outlines of the plaster, burns to the skin or irritation. Please do not assume that you have had a reaction to the plaster, as from our experience this is not the case. It is not uncommon to have a reaction to the LVL products.

If you are unhappy with the information above and think that it could be from the plaster, then please inform us and we can re-patch test you with micropore tape instead. If you haven’t been re-patch tested, then this will still be classed as a failed reaction and we will be unable to carry the treatment out for you.

If you believe that you have a reaction to the products, please send us a photo with your name to so we can assist you further.

Don’t worry if you have had a reaction to the products, there are other lash services we offer.

Can I have my Patch Test on the same day as my Sun Bed?

Patch tests for Tinting, Party Lashes, Express Lashes, Individual Lashes and Russian Lashes are fine to carry out on the same day as a Sun Bed.

However, we do not carry out LVL Patch Tests on the same day as your Sun Bed as it is harder to determine if you have had a reaction to the products or not.

Pregnancy FAQ

Can Pregnant Ladies have Lash Extensions/Party Lashes/Express Lashes/Russian Lashes?

Unfortunately, Nouveau advise against pregnant ladies having lashes due to hormone changes which could result in an allergic reaction. We too are against carrying out lash treatments on pregnant ladies as even if the client is patch tested or re-patch tested and is fine, there is a possibility that once the lashes are applied, an allergic reaction can still take place. If they were to still have this treatment and have a reaction, they are unable to take the medication to counter-react the reaction as they are pregnant

It is very important that you let us know you are pregnant so we can update your client records.

Facials FAQ

Who can't have a Peel?

You cannot have a peel carried out if any of the below apply to you:

• You've received a resurfacing skin procedure such as laser, light therapy, microdermabrasion or chemical peel within the past two weeks

• You've received Botox or other injectables within the past week

• You've used Retin-A within the past 48 hours

• You've used Isotretinoin (Accutane) in the past six months

• You've waxed within the past 72 hours

• You have a contagious skin disease or infection such as an active cold sore

• You are pregnant or lactating

• You are under 18 years of age

What products do you use?

We use all Dermalogica products for our Facials. We offer ProSkin 60, ProSkin 30, Pro Power Peel 30, Pro Power Peel 60 and Teen Skin Treatmentst.

We use both Professional Use Only Dermalogica Products as well as Retail Dermalogica Products.

Can I have an Eyebrow tint & wax and a Facial on the same day?

It’s not ideal to have both on the same day as the facial could lighten the tint. If you really wanted to have this done, the eyebrow tint & wax would have to be booked prior to your Facial.

Botox/Filler and Facials

- Clients must wait 7-14 days after receiving Botox until they can have a facial

- Clients must wait 7-14 days after receiving Fillers until they can have a facial

Clients should have been given an aftercare leaflet which would have given them their recommendation. If anyone is unsure they should consult wherever they received their Botox/Fillers.

How old do you need to be for a skin treatment

Under 16's must have parental consent and be present during the treatment.

If your son or daughter suffering from acne, blocked pores or breakouts we can treat them using our Dermalogica Clear Start range.

This range is specially formulated for younger clients aged from nine upwards and teens.

How long do you need to be clear or Roaccutane before having a facial?

You need to wait a minimum of 6 months before any exfoliating treatments.

How frequently should I book for a Pro Power Peel?

We would recommend clients return for another pro power peel between 2-4 weeks depending on skin tolerance.

For slightly more sensitive skins we would advise a minimum of 3 weeks.

Can I have a Facial whilst I’m pregnant?

During your first trimester, you cannot have a facial. After this time, you are fine to book a facial, please let your Therapist know you are pregnant so they can ensure they are using suitable products on your skin,

We are unable to carry out a Pro Power Peel treatment on you whilst you are pregnant.

Can I have a Pro Power Peel whilst breastfeeding?

You cannot have a Pro Power Peel treatment whist breastfeeding.

Can I have a Pro Power Peel whilst I have a contagious skin disease or infection?

We will be unable to carry out your skin disease or infection has completely cleared.

I have a cold sore. Do I need to cancel my Pro Power Peel?

We will be unable to carry out your Pro Power Peel treatment until your cold sore has completely cleared.

How long do I need to wait after having any facial waxing before having a Pro Power Peel?

We recommend avoiding any facial waxing 72 hours prior to your Pro Power Peel Treatment.

I use products contacting Isotretinoin (Accutane) can I have a Pro Power Peel?

We recommend to not use any products containing Retin-A for 6 months prior to your Pro Power Peel treatment.

I use Retin-A can I have a Pro Power Peel?

We recommend to not use any products containing Retin-A 48 hours prior to your Pro Power Peel treatment.

How long do I have to wait after having Botox or other injectables before I can have a Pro Power Peel?

We recommend booking your Pro Power Peel treatment 7 days after you’ve had any Botox or other injectable procedures.

Why do I have to fill in a separate consultation card before my Pro Power Peel Treatment?

All clients must complete and sign the Dermalogica Consultation card. This treatment procedure cannot be safely performed until this has been completed.

How long before my Pro Power Peel do I need a patch test?

When booking your Pro Power Peel Treatment, please also book a 'Peel Patch test' appointment at least 48 hours prior to your Pro Power Peel, but may be done several weeks in advance, to check skin sensitivity.

What is the difference between a professional peel carried out in a salon vs. an at-home peel?

Peels designed to be applied by licensed professional skin therapists – like Pro Power Peel – tend to be more concentrated, at a very low pH, and customisable to deliver more dramatic results. These formulas are usually not available to clients for self-application. Peels designed to be used by clients at home tend to be lighter in nature. They are ideal for quick, easy removal of dulling surface cells, as well as building the skin's tolerance for stronger professional peels and maintaining results in between professional treatments.

What should I expect after my Pro Power Peel?

Your skin may appear red and flushed following the treatment, and may be more sensitive depending on your skin condition and at-home care regimen. Side effects include, but are not limited to, dryness, stinging, itching, irritation, redness, swelling, tightness, peeling and scabbing. By the second day, skin may peel or look darker. On the third day, peeling may begin around the nose and mouth, followed by the cheeks, forehead, jawline and neck.

Your Skin Therapist will prescribe you the Pro Power Peel Post-Procedure Kit to be use at home for 2-3 days following your treatment.

What are the post-procedure care instructions?

Your Skin Therapist will prescribe you the Pro Power Peel Post-Procedure Kit to be use at home for 2-3 days following your treatment.

You will be given the following guidelines until your skin has resolved peeling. For more sensitive skin or after a more intense treatment – you should consider following these guidelines for at least 10 days. All products below will be included in your Pro Power Peel Post-Procedure Kit.

Immediately following treatment
You should apply a broad spectrum physical sunscreen (minimum SPF30), such as Super Sensitive Shield SPF30 or SkinPerfect Primer SPF30. Avoid direct sun exposure for 2-3 weeks to prevent hyperpigmentation, and to wear a wide-brim hat if they must be in the sun.

Avoid strenuous exercise on the day of your treatment, along with prolonged exposure to heat sources like dry saunas or steam
rooms; these activities increase blood circulation to the face, which can lead to discomfort, redness, swelling or other side effects.

On the night of your treatment you should rinse their face with cool water and cleanse with UltraCalming™ Cleanser, then moisturise with Barrier
Defense Booster and Calm Water Gel (all included in the Pro Power Peel Post-Procedure Kit).

Increase your fluid intake for the next 2-3 days.

You will likely begin peeling within 2-3 days. This is normal; you should not pick at loose skin, as this may cause discoloration.

Avoid any type of exfoliating product until directed otherwise by your Skin Therapist.

Continue to use the products included in the Pro Power Peel Post-Procedure Kit for the duration of the peeling process. Moisturise throughout the day to maintain hydration and decrease the appearance of flaking.

Once peeling and redness have subsided, you may resume your regular Dermalogica daily routine.

My skin is not peeling. Does this mean the treatment did not work?

Absolutely not! Depending on the skin’s resistance and treatment frequency, you may experience a delay in peeling – or experience no peeling or flaking. For a more accurate assessment of the treatment’s success,advise feel the texture of your skin; if it feels smoother, the treatment is working. The absence of peeling could also indicate that your skin may be able to tolerate additional peel layers during the treatment.

Some areas of my hyperpigmentation appear darker. Did the treatment make my pigmentation worse?

No. It can take a week or longer to see changes in your skin! There may be more colour on hyperpigmented areas for the first few days after treatment, as pigmented cells rise to the surface and slough off while new skin cells emerge at the basal cell layer. Please contact your Skin Therapist at the salon if you experience extreme darkening or lightening.

What exactly is the difference between peeling from a chemical peel and peeling from a sunburn?

Sunburns and chemical peels may produce similar reactions, but they have very different effects on the skin.
A chemical peel uses a variety of caustic chemicals to selectively disrupt layers of skin and encourage the regeneration of healthy new skin. A sunburn is an uncontrolled wound caused by over exposing your skin to Ultraviolet Radiation (UVR).

How can I maintain my results between my Pro Power Peel treatments?

Many clients can benefit from using at-home peels – like our Rapid Reveal Peel – in between professional resurfacing treatments to help maintain their results. You should wait at least two weeks after you Pro Power Peel before beginning treatment with Rapid Reveal Peel.

When can I apply make-up after my Pro Power Peel?

It’s best to wait as long as possible on the day of treatment to apply make-up – but sometimes clients want to apply it right away. We suggest you wait a minimum of 20 minutes to 24 hours after your treatment to give the skin a chance to calm down and reduce the possibility of irritation.

Can I have an extraction during my Pro Power Peel?

We won't perform any extractions on the same day as the Pro Power Peel. Extractions may increase the chance of skin irritation, which could result in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or scarring due to the delicateness of the skin tissue. If you require an extractions, please speak to your Skin Therapist about scheduling a followup ProSkin 30.

Can I have an facial Waxing/Threading/Tinting after or before a Pro Power Peel

We recommend at least 24 hours in between a Pro Power Peel and Facial Waxing/Tinting/Threading. This is because waxing involves removing layers of skin and is a form of exfoliation which is something you cannot do just before or after a Pro Power Peel. Threading is also a form of friction against the skin which can cause irritability. Tinting can also be prone to causing irritation as pores may be open.

Can I have a Spray Tan after my Pro Power Peel Treatment?

We recommend to wait a minimum of 72 hours after your Pro Power Peel treatment before booking a Spray Tan.

Which products should I use at home after my Pro Power Peel?

After your Pro Power Peel you will need to use 4 products.

You can purchase a Pro Power Peel post procedure kit for £25 which contains everything you need.

If you'd prefer to purchase full sized products, prices are listed below.

We recommend having a course of at least 3 Pro Power Peel treatments, if you treat yourself to a course, you'll receive your Pro Power Peel post procedure kit for free!

Ultra Calming Cleanser 7ml - Gentle cleansing gel / cream helps calm and cool sensitised skin

Ultra Calming Calm Water Gel 7ml - Weightless water-gel moisturiser hydrates dry, senstive skin.

Super Sensitive Shield 7ml - Broad Spectrum suncreen ideal for sensitised, reactive and recently resurfaced skin.

Barrier Defense Booster 5 ml - Concentrated oil booster soothes, nourishes and mositurises to restore balance to sensitive skin.

If you'd like to have the full sized products at home here's what you can buy:

Ultra Calming Cleanser 250ml £33.00 / 500ml £52.50

Ultra Calming Calm Water Gel 50ml £44.50

Super Sensitive Shield SPF30 50ml £46.00 or AGE Smart - Skin Perfect Primer SPF30 22ml £46.50

Barrier Defense Booster 30ml £67.00

How old do I have to be to have a Pro Power Peel Treatment?

The minimum age for a Pro Power Peel treatment is 18.

Can I have a Pro Power Peel treatment if I'm on medication for blood pressure?

Yes, you can still have a pro power peel treatment if you are on medication for blood pressure.

General FAQ

Can I use my New Client Discount against a Model booking?

Unfortunately you are unable to use your New Client Discount in conjunction with any other offers.

Do you do home visits?

We do not offer this service to clients.

If I’m allergic to ammonia, can I have have a tint?

No, as the products reacting together (developer and tint) can produce ammonia (a gas), so the two products will not have ammonia listed as an ingredient as it is something that is created once the two products mix together, it is a gas that is released

Why we have a weight limit on our treatment beds of 19.6 stone (275lbs / 125kg)

Before you visit, you'll receive an email from us with a client card to fill in.

One of the questions is:

YOUR WEIGHT: For your safety, there is a maximum weight limit for our beauty treatment beds. If your weight goes above this level and you do not inform us, you will be liable for any damages

Due to the nature of our range of treatments and the size of our treatment rooms, we have lightweight treatment beds so our therapists can easily move the treatment beds into different positions in our treatment rooms depending on the treatment they are carrying out.

Our treatment beds have a weight limit on which is given to us by our manufacturers which we need to follow for your safety.

We are only insured to carry out your treatment if we follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

We understand that this may be disappointing to you if you are over the weight limit, but we need to use this type of treatment bed for the safety of our employees, so they are not trying to move heavy beds

What does 'Shwe' mean?

We're asked this a lot!

Shwe means ‘gold’ in Burmese, and it’s my partner Zak's surname, so that's why we named the salon 'Shwe Tan'.